High Holidays with Beyt Tikkun 2022—Sept–Oct, 2022, Online

High Holidays with Beyt Tikkun 2022; Rosh Hashanah, September 25-27th; Yom Kippur, October 4-5th, Online

“Join Us for High Holidays

Rosh Hashanah | September 25-27th on Zoom

Yom Kippur | October 4-5th on Zoom

The central message of Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur:

We can heal, repair, and transform ourselves, our society, and the life support system of planet earth.

The High Holidays offer us a time for deep, honest self-reflection. In what ways have we manifested our highest spiritual selves, both in our personal lives and in working to build a society which embodies justice, love, caring for the stranger, the powerless, the poor, the hungry, homeless, refugees, and those seeking to be respected and cared for? What have we done to protect the life-support system of the planet? Did we join with others who sought to make fundamental changes in the systems which reward selfishness and cynicism? The High Holy Days offer a structure for this self-reflection so we can become more fully embodied sparks of divine light and love. It requires that we actually engage in teshuva, transformation, and change. We are called to take responsibility for the ways in which we have treated others in less than kind ways, whether in our actions towards other individuals or in the ways in which we engage in our larger society. Where did we miss the mark and what can we do differently going forward?

Cat Zavis, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and Ami Goodman will lead us through much of the traditional high holiday prayers. And they will share reflections on God, and the connection between Jewish theology and the pressing political, social, and economic issues of our time. Ami Goodman will provide musical inspiration.”

With Bill McKibben, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Noam Chomsky, and Cecelia Wambach

“Besides our inner transformation, we will also address:

The Hasidim taught that in difficult times like these we must let our joy fill the air, and insisted that the High Holy Days must be filled with music, dance, and love. You’ll find this energy at Beyt Tikkun services!!! ”