The After Path: A Samhain Spirit Workshop with Pam Grossman—October 27, Online

The After Path: A Samhain Spirit Workshop with Pam Grossman, Thursday, October 27, 2022, 8 PM–10 PM US/Eastern, Online.

“This Samhain, learn how to honor the spirits in this online workshop led by author and witch, Pam Grossman.”

This class will be recorded, and available for attendees to rewatch for one month.

The format will be webinar style with only Pam's screen visible, unless she calls for volunteering participants who may choose to turn on their audio and/or video when called on.

Due to high demand, there will be no refunds issued within seven days of the scheduled event. Thank you for understanding!

Communing with our beloved dead is possible at any moment, but this spirited season is when many believe the veil between worlds is thinnest, and contact with the otherworld most clear. Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Día de los Muertos, and Fête Gede are but a few of the holy-days celebrated at this time, and they provide moments of contemplation and connection with those we have lost.

In this visually-rich online workshop, Pam Grossman will cover various magical methods of honoring one's ancestors (including biological, chosen, or spiritual), and cover the key components for creating a practice of spirit veneration. Though this class will focus primarily on Samhain traditions, these gestures may be utilized any time throughout the year, whenever one feels called to give thanks, ask for guidance, or simply say hello to those who have crossed over.

Students will come away with everything they need to begin deepening their ancestral connections safely and lovingly – even if they have a complicated relationship with said spirits, or know very little about them. Our familiar spirits can support us, as we can support them!

This workshop is open to all, from the curious newbie to the occult devotee.”

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