Truth & Myths — Nov 7–18, 2022, London, UK

Truths & Myths, An Exhibition by Charles Newington, at Atlantis Bookshop, through November 18, 2022, London, UK.

“Only running until Friday 18th November, The Atlantis Bookshop, exhibition from 11am-6pm

We are excited to be hosting right now a pop-up exhibition of the sublime works of the world-renowned artist, Charles Newington.  Charles has established a very large body of work, including placing Britain’s most recent chalk hill figure on the cliffs at Folkestone.  More recently, he has been exploring the world of the esoteric, with the publication of The Goblin Market Tarot.  His inspired approach to creating his works of art, described by some as “startlingly divine”, can be seen in many of the images on display for the next couple of weeks with us.

Come along and prepare to be amazed!”

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