Vast Sky Mind: Fundamentals of Nondual Meditation and Awakening — Oct 17, 2022–Jan 16, 2023, Online

Vast Sky Mind: Fundamentals of Nondual Meditation and Awakening with Michael Taft, from DeconstructingYourself.Org; October 17, 2022 through January 16, 2023, 8:30am–10am US/Pacific, online live.

“Nondual meditation is the ageless path of realizing the awakened mind already inside you. Join meditation teacher and author Michael Taft and learn how to do this for yourself. Taft has trained in nondual meditation techniques for over 35 years and created this course especially for people who have done other forms of meditation, but who are curious about engaging in this very different path. While generally following Buddhist understandings, this course takes a non-denominational approach that is informed by modern neuroscience and scholarship.

Whether you are new to meditation, or if you are a mindfulness meditator whose practice seems stalled, or if you have been following Michael’s guided meditation series on Youtube, if you are wanting something more—a practice that both engages with life and that can actually lead to awakening—then this course is for you.

In Vast Sky Mind, you will learn: – What the term “nondual” actually means – How to meditate on emptiness (and what “emptiness” even means) – The techniques of “effortless” meditation – How to overcome the obstacles that are blocking your realization – The history of nondual meditation worldwide – How nondual meditation is understood in Buddhist traditions such as Vajrayana and Dzogchen – Serious practice without a guru  – A system of meditation that you can stick with  – Much more”

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