William Blake in Songs & Words — Nov 18, 2022, London, UK

William Blake in Songs & Words, November 18, 2022, 7pm with Susheela Raman, Jason Whittaker, Sam Mills and Charles Hayward: “I give you the end of a golden string” at St James’s Church Piccadilly, London, UK.

“Programmed in collaboration with The Blake Society.

Acclaimed for her audacious cross-cultural musical creations, singer/composer Susheela Raman’s latest adventure encounters the magical imagination of one of London’s most creative sons, William Blake, who was born in Soho and baptised at St James’s Church Piccadilly.

Susheela’s original settings of Blake poems, such as the epic “Proverbs of Hell”, are threaded with spoken word performances of Blake’s writings by Jason Whittaker, author and Blake expert and accompanied by inventive guitarist and composer Sam Mills.

Blake summoned his visionary art and poetry from many sources and continues to fascinate and inspire countless writers, music makers and visual artists. The “Golden String” offered here unwinds in words and music though Blake, from the Renaissance magic of Shakespeare’s “Tempest” to William Burroughs and David Bowie.

Susheela Raman will be supported by eminent musician and composer Charles Hayward.

Doors 6:30pm. Event 7pm-9:15pm with short interval.”

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