Yeats Impact on Irish Folklore A Critical Look at Yeats Material — Dec 11, 2022, Online

Yeats Impact on Irish Folklore A Critical Look at Yeats Material, with Morgan Daimler, Dec 11, 2022, Online

“A look at Yeats personal background, approach to Irish folklore, and impact , including a critical discussion of flaws in his material.”

“Yeats is renowned as a poet and author and often looked to as a source for late 19th century Irish folk beliefs thanks to his books Celtic Twilight and Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry . Yet Yeats as a source is very much a man of his time, inserting his own bias and opinions into what he recorded and freely rewriting material he collected to suit his own purposes. This discussion will focus on Yeats personal background and frame of reference in relation to the material he was recording as well as various examples where what Yeats relayed in his books is at odds with other sources of folk belief in Ireland around the same period and for decades afterwards, particularly in the Gaeltacht.”



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